The Content Marketing Matrix Free marketing strategy graphic

It’s essential to keep your blog as relevant as possible by doing regular content audits. Keeping your content up-to-date can be enough to get people to redistribute it. Your style guide is a list of rules to follow that helps multiple different people writing for your site achieve a consistent brand voice.
Readers can click on the images to see if their answers are right or wrong, and then read a detailed explanation on the topic in the blog post. These interactive comparison charts are not just fun for the readers to engage with, but also increase the time that visitors spend on the blog, which is great for SEO. If you’re including statistics and research findings in your content, consider creating a visual representation of that data. Another type of visual that you mostly see go viral on social media are memes.
You can use different types of visuals for this purpose, such as branded blog graphics, GIFs, presentations or longer infographics. Using data to back up your claims can help build subject authority, trust and credibility. A visual representation of statistics can also make your content more engaging. Using a mix of visuals and text can help you reach a bigger audience, offer more value, improve the clarity and impact of your message and make your blog more engaging. Better yet, they have also added a video of the recipe for people who would rather watch and learn how to cook the dish rather than just read the recipe.
People are on social media for an exchange of connection and valuable information … not just to be sold. Don’t forget that there are many social media scheduling tools available, making it easier to check this off your list of to-dos. While these are a bit “old school” by today’s standards, webinars still have the power to get your expertise in front of potential clients by using audiovisual means in a live setting. Not only can you present your experience and case studies to a targeted crowd, but you can offer time at the end to field live questions with that audience.
A strong contact conversion rate means your website visitors are clicking on your calls-to-action and filling out forms, exchanging their personal information for content they find valuable. After publishing lots of content, it’s exciting to see the organic traffic pouring in; however, you want to be sure it’s not just any traffic — but the right traffic. There are thousands of content marketing metrics, spanning dozens of categories.
These figures serve merely as a guide in your efforts to invest in content marketing. If organic traffic is a very low portion of your conversions, then you might need to figure out why. Content marketing does not involve direct selling but can help retain and acquire customers. For it to work, the content must be engaging because if it’s not, it really has no marketing value. Make checkingGoogle Analytics part of your routine, and track the metrics that indicate overall performance. If Digital Marketing are going well, keep doing what you’re doing—and if not, use that data to revise your strategy to be more effective.