Specification Report Municipal Parking License Plate Reader Equipment

Specific information regarding this procedure will be released shortly. Other university official investigations requested by senior staff or Human Resources. From Trials to perfected solution — we want you to see everything. Take a look at our videos below that showcase our LPR system in action.
KARSUN parking management system is the smartest and most popular vehicle parking access control systems for pay-to-park parking lot management. They are widely used in worldwide parking occasions like commercial building, shopping center, exhibition center, hospital, airport, real estate, public parking lot etc. License Plate Recognition is an advanced parking software that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of paper permits or plastic hangtags. LPR increases parking efficiency on campus, provides convenience for the parking customer and greatly reduces the amount of paper and plastic waste produced. License plate recognition technology reads license plate numbers and uses the data to identify vehicles. LPR technology was first developed to combat crime and conduct traffic surveillance.
Product DetailsNUUO Mainconsole is now compatible with VIT Company LPR solution at the software version of 4.0. With few exceptions, students, faculty and staff will no longer need to affix decals or hang permits in their vehicles or pay to have a lost permit replaced. Eligible contract holders may opt in to use LPR as a parking contract credential to enter and exit gated parking facilities enabled by their contract. LPR provides an alternative to holding a card near the card reader on facility entry and exit machines. It is imperative that your license plate and vehicle information is current and correct in order to avoid an unnecessary citation.
This license plate recognition software will also open up a variety of online options as well, so it’s possible you won’t have to step foot in the Parking and Transportation office again. parking machine manufacturer parking permit system is now in place at ECU, with simple, online registration and payment for parking zones. Once registered, vehicles parking in University lots will no longer have a parking decal to indicate the eligible zone. Parking privileges are identified by license plates, rather than a decal or hangtag. Temporary hangtags will not be needed for visitors, part-time or temporary employees as they will be identified by license plate too.
⑥It can be operated in conjunction with the police alarm system to effectively combat illegal vehicles and assist in social security management. TagMaster have over 25 years of experience and knowledge within ANPR technology and Long Range RFID Readers. Our solutions are known to be easy and quick to install and set up, and therefore the first choice among installers and integrators. Provide evidence needed to verify a violation with the GPS data and images captured during ticket issuance. Easily scan plates to identify unauthorized vehicles; instantly increasing your productivity without the cost of expensive equipment.