NBA Betting Guide: Factors Affecting NBA Betting Odds

While potentially lucrative, live betting presents a slippery slope for bettors who continue to try and reclaim their losses. This can become particularly problematic for bettors who placed a large pre-game wager and are live betting the same team in the hopes of a comeback. For example, the public tends to love the idea of a high-scoring, exciting game, so the over will see a ton of action.
This means you have a much better idea of what is most likely to happen next in the game. In case of pre-match betting, you are basing your wagers off of statistics and previous form. But what if you can place a wager and receive money back regardless of the outcome? That’s much more fun, and a reason why looking for solid promotions when placing live bets is key to getting more bang for your buck. The best live betting sites will cater to all your needs, but if it’s specific factors you’re after, then be sure to do some research.
As we gain more experience with reading the odds, we can also determine the direction the money has been flowing on the game. Lines can move once bettors start placing bets, and that can have a direct impact on the board. Put simply, the odds are an indicator of the most likely outcome for the event, at least as far as the oddsmakers are concerned. We can also determine what kind of a return we may see for winning bets, but that takes some doing. Instead of betting $110 to gain $100 like all the previous examples, a $110 bet would net a $655.26 profit.
Although there are some rules regarding online betting, overall it works legally in all the states. The betting sites are not allowed to display bonuses or promotions to the customers who haven’t signed up to the bookmaker. You will get to see all the offers by the bookmakers once you sign-up with them.
The end result is that the amount of your wager is refunded in full. Odds of -110 are considered standard for spread and moneyline bets. So why can’t 스포츠중계 get back the same amount of your stake to keep it simple? That’s because the sportsbook keeps a percentage as a charge or commission for taking action on the bet.